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Christmas Present? Absolutely Great Book for the Military Buff, by Jacque

The Oshkosh WT-2206 America's Cold Warrior—This book is truly amazing! Not only did James Menard present all the complex technical information that will satisfy the curiosity of the technically inclined, he did it with the novice in mind.

When I first picked up the book I knew very little about what goes into the the inner workings of an engine—but I do now. And Mr. Menard made it fun.

I learned that the brakes on B-52 bombers (which for over fifty years have served as the mainstay of our nation’s strategic capabilities) were very poor, and that the planes was particularly vulnerable during landings. Therefore, unless the lengthy airstrips were properly [read: rapidly] cleared of snow, the B-52s were useless. That was the purpose of the Oshkosh WT-2206—to expeditiously clean the snow from military runways.

It is safe to say that without “America’s Cold Warrior,” many warplanes would have been lost, and very many airmen killed.

The images are breathtaking. Generally books like this are priced at $150 or more. This one is a bargain.

Five stars for James Menard’s terrific book. Every library in the country, as well as libraries on every military installation abroad, should have this book. I cannot even imagine a military buff’s bookshelf without one.

Complicated concepts made understandable, by M. Michaels

I loved this book!

I do not have a military background. Nor am I particularly inclined in a mechanical way. But this book, The Oshkosh WT-2206 America's Cold Warrior, fascinates me. So often technical books are totally full of technical jargon. Well, this book does not lack verbal description. But, what makes it really cool is that it has tons of pictures and illustrations that make even the most complicated concepts understandable. I only wish that James Menard could have written the manual for my new camera! This is a truly a beautiful book.

Awesome Book for Truck Enthusiasts, by Stan K

The book is what all books should be like. It covers the development and design of the truck, all variants, the chassis, engines, attachments, etc. It has everything fully illustrated with hundreds of black and white and color pictures and illustrations. High praise for this book.

Great attention to detail, by Todd S

This is a wonderful book with all the information you could ever want on the development of the WT-2206 along with snow plows and blowers. Any truck or heavy equipment enthusiast will find this book very interesting. The amount of detail Jim goes into is amazing and I wish other books did so as well.

Incredible book on an incredible truck, by R. Pedone

If you are any sort of snow plow, Oshkosh truck, or heavy truck enthusiast, this book is tops!! Jim Menard leaves no stone unturned when writing about this incredible snow monster known as the Oshkosh W series. The detail he goes into describing every component of this truck is truly impressive. I'll be scouring through the pages of this book for a long time to come.

This a great book on the WT 2206 Oshkosh truck, by E. Jenkins

When James was writing this book he would call and pick my brain. I worked on these trucks at Loring, Minot, Osan, Sembock, Hahn, and McConnel AFBs. The first time saw one I thought "man that is lot of truck". I'm glad that some one took the time write the history about them. He would call and say I'm looking for such and such manual do you know where I can find it? I'd tell him no, but one of these days out of the blue someone call tell you where, just believe and God will help you out. Seems to have happened that way. This is one very good book. Get one for your self, and one for your local library. Way to go Jim.

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